Introduction to the site

Posted: March 20, 2011 in An introduction to the theory

This site is not for the conventional thinker. The topic dealt here with, by itself is belief system altering. Hypotheses and evidences that point towards the fact that what has been imparted to us through our lives, might not be true. It also sends our history books and whats written in them out of the window. God might not exist, and what is perceived as the cradle of human civilization, might not be as it seems.  As a matter of fact, the genesis of human civilization is much older and riddled in innumerable unsolved mysteries.

I invite you to join me in a thought provoking, belief altering journey where we try to answer these endless questions and intriguing dilemmas, that mainstream historians and archeologists have failed to answer. Lets see the human civilization in a new light, unbiased and non opinionated.

~ Subharanjan Gupta

  1. Rodgers R says:

    An amazing initiative. A great forum to share and discuss various theories and ideas.

    After all we’re just specs of complicated dust passing through time as an experiment of some greater being.

  2. Sonalee says:

    Hey Shub, this is nice. Might we get answers to the secretive unsolved ciphers, codes and answers to many more of such mysteries just right here in this forum.

  3. Rodgers R says:

    WoW…did the Gods just land on this page.

    This is awesome. Looking great.

  4. Sam says:

    I don’t understand how the ancients could build a huge building. Therefore : Aliens!!!!!!!

    Please read Ronald Story’s book and watch BBC’s Horizon. And, according to me, this facts posted here cannot be gathered with normal intelligence. Therefore, Aliens!!

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