Nan Madol – The Forgotten Enigma

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Riddles from the past, Sunken Cities
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Among the ancient alien sites, one that is hardly mentioned in any discussion, forum, blog or research work – and one that deserves way more study and introspection is the Island City of Nan Madol. Nan Madol is a ruined city that lies off the eastern shore of the island of Pohnpei that was the capital of the Saudeleur dynasty until about AD 1500. The name Nan Madol means “spaces between” and is a reference to the canals that crisscross the ruins. The city consists of a series of small artificial islands linked by a network of canals. The site core with its stone walls encloses an area approximately 1.5 km long by 0.5 km wide and it contains nearly 100 artificial islets—stone and coral fill platforms—bordered by tidal canals. But this is not why Nan Madol catches  fancy of Ancient Alien Theorists.

Let us have a closer look at the Island city. Its location is so remote that until recently, it was considered to be one of the difficult places to reach to. Today Nan Madol is not what it used to be, a major part of this ancient island city has been b nature, weathering and jungle. So whats available for a study is a very small part of what once used to be an ancient hi-tech city, termed in our parlance as ‘Venice of the Pacific’. The currently accessible area is marked in “Purple rectangle” in the map. Everything else has been destroyed over time.

At Nan Madol it seems as though the city was designed to be an enigma. Its remotely located, very far away from any major civilization that might have existed even in antiquity. Or there might have been one that we are yet not aware of. I am personally of the opinion that Nan Madol was created at a time when the sea levels were much lower that present day and what we see ad submerged tunnel system at Nan Madol, could well have been accessible when it was created.

The structure seems to have been transplanted from another world. Wide stretches of the foundation walls are still visible. Over 400,000 basalt pillars were piled over top of each other at 80 separate structures. Many of them were over 30 feet high. Individual beams over 40 feet wide, and weighing over 10 tones were used to create the structure. Who built this structure here and why? How many laborers were used to create this? And where did they all live. Logically, they couldn’t have been accommodated in this little island. How did the creators of Nan Madol transport these basalt beams? Too many questions, but no convincing answers.

When the natives are asked, the say nothing. However their legend tells us of an alien God with a fire spitting dragon just needed to say a magic spell and the basalt beams came flying across the seas form their distant quarry landing in a neat pile. What is this unexplained mystery? Because the raw material used for the construction of Nan Madol doesn’t occur locally anywhere on this island where Nan Madol is located. How was it possible for primitive men along to have accomplished these things? We all know that dragons never existed, but the native legend talks of something breathing fire. Could it have been some kind of a aircraft or a rocket propelled vehicle? These questions remain unanswered, and while mainstream scientists have ridiculed any such probability, they have not been able to answer any of these questions logically.

We might rule out an alien intervention towards construction of this site. However a few question remain unanswered, that causes us to think, and think openly and alternatively. Why Nan Madol, this being such a remote corner of the world, and perhaps had been inaccessible at one time? Was it designed at a place so that it’s not easily accessible? Was some activity carried out there that the designers of Nan Madol did not want our ancestors to know? Was it some kind of a testing ground or a research facility? How was the material quarried to the construction site? What technology was used to finally construct the walls? One thing is sure that a part of the local legend is accurate in its description, of “the Basalt pillars landing from the skies in neat piles”. They still look as if placed in a neat pile without used of mortar or any other technology that might have been used in other megalithic sites across the world. Nan Madol in these aspects is surely different and deserves to be studied in way more depth that what has been done so far.

  1. Phil Smith says:

    Call me. I sujested pohnpei write letter to succed from US. 1972-73 kolonia.

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