Technologies of the “Gods” – Evidences of Ancient UFO Sightings and Alien Intervention

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Bible, Egypt, Evidences of high technology in Antiquity, Genesis, UFO
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Modern human technologies – unmatched in our long history. Or maybe not. Scientists and scholars have started thinking of late that an equally advanced technology and a civilization capable of harnessing the power of nature may have existed in the past. Evidences of such an existence could be located all over the world. We find tell tale signs of what can be truly called, space age technology. Could it be that out ancestors who are not credited to be nothing more than hunters gatherers, applied technology that could match ours, if not superior, on a world wide scale? Could modern scientific community learn somethings from their ancient fore-bearers? For thousands of years mankind has gazed in awe at the night sky, watching the slow but relentless movement. People witnessed that the movement of the stars precisely matched the ebb and flow of seasons. This gave rise to the calendar and the agriculture. But some objects in the sky did not follow any path, seeming to defy the law that binds all things. These Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs challenged human understanding provoking a quest that continues to this day.

We all have to agree that UFO reporting are as old as old as man has left any records at all. Even in the ancient cave paintings more than 20,000 years ago, we find evidences of such beings being sighted on the surface of this planet, something that we are yet to find a reason for. So we have to go at least that far to find the first evidences of when UFO sightings were first recorded.

Forever frozen in silence and in stone, these provocative drawings raise questions that are debated to this day. For some these drawings represent Gods or ancestral spirits, but for others, they represent Ancient Spacecrafts, or Ancient Aliens. Texts from worlds earliest civilizations including Sumeria’s, more than 5,000 years ago mention strange aerial phenomena and the beings who controlled them. According to Dr. Richard L Thompson, “there are ancient records where people describe different kinds of flying objects which they have seen, people have described what they understood as strange flying objects piloted by different category of living beings. They have written accounts which describe this in great detail”. The images are provocative and controversial. Stanton Friedman, the author of Top Secret/ Majic observes, “a lot depend upon how you interpret the signs that you see. Whether the painting is just a sketch on the wall or a space helmet, or a diving helmet or a decorative headgear or perhaps the work of a science fiction writer from several thousand years ago. So the further back you go the harder it is to interpret.

Despite increasing public support for the notion that aliens have been visiting earth since the dawn of history, the conventional scientific community is overwhelmingly skeptical about the subject. Primitive man did witness weird events in the sky, something that they interpret as “activities of God” and their life being controlled by wishes of God. However in almost all such instances, there is an alternative, ‘scientific’ explanation to the situation – it might have been a meteor, a lightning, or something that fits into the scientific minds of out civilization. Despite such widespread skepticism on the subject, there has been an equal abundance of what er call evidences of such inexplicable encounters.  Just like the study of conventional History, we can categorize these sightings into chronological order – Ancient, Medieval and Contemporary or Modern.

Ancient Sightings : This encounter is reported from Egypt and happened more than 3,500 years ago. This is a story reported by 3 Egyptian Pharaohs who reported seeing circles of sire in the sky; its started off with 1 and then a few days later there were many of them in the sky. They were so impressed that it was recorded in a Papyrus and the event was considered very momentous. This is how the narration goes, “in the year 22 of the 3rd month of the winter, a circle or fire appeared in the sky. After some days it became more numerous and shone with the brightness of the sun extending  to the very limits of the heavens. Records of Pharaoh Tuthmosis 14 BCE“. Centuries later, the mighty Greek Emperor, Alexander is chronicled to have witnessed UFO. While crossing a river in 329 BC, Alexander and his men observed what is described as gleaming silver shields in the sky. The object repeatedly swooped down on a column of soldiers scattering men and horses in panic. 7 years later, while attacking the Phoenician city of Tyrus in Eastern Mediterranean Alexander is again said to have witnessed UFO. Recorded by observers on both sides of the conflict, “one of the objects suddenly shoots a beam of light at the city wall, which then crumbles into dust, allowing Alexander and his men to easily breach the defenses and take the city“. The passage of centuries leave us with little to confirm whether these events actually took place or were this fragments 0f imagination of fertile and imaginative minds.

Medieval Sightings: Medieval Europe was witness of one such incident in 1463, when a strange ‘slab like’ object was reported in the sky. Surrounded by bright light, it glided eerily above the landscape. One such drawing was made by Herman Chardon, a witness to the event. Another incident was reported by eye witnesses, about a century later on the skies of Nuremberg, Germany. On the morning of April 14, 1561 huge round cylinders was said to have appeared above the city. Smaller circular objects seem to appear form them, engaging in battle with one another. 5 years later a similar incident was reported in the skies of Basil, Switzerland. This time many of the objects attacked one another, were consumed by fire and then vanished without trace. Once again the encounter was documented by a local witness.

Modern/ Contemporary Signtings : By the 19th century, the world seems to be resonating with the idea of Unidentified Flying Objects. Countless theories were proposed as to what they were and where they came from. The subject of UFO is a controversial one where the supporters of either view, are on a ongoing debate. Today we have a large population of people reporting UFO sightings and their reports are consistent in terms of the shape, size and other details. And these descriptions are also consistent with what has been reported since ancient past and thus a notion that people are just ‘seeing’ things, as they have been ‘seeing’ them over the centuries may not be a correct notion after all. For centuries scholars have grappled with the idea of UFO, what they are, where they might have come from and who are their possible occupants. As the 20th Century unfolded, mankind witnessed bizarre events in the sky, and countless number of them. The most important recorded event was perhaps the Roswell incident in New Mexico, USA. UFO sightings virtually have occurred everywhere, from the skies to bustling metropolis to deserted highways, they could be witnessed almost everywhere, and all across the world. The reasons and geneses thereof still lies shrouded in mystery, something that we attempt to throw some light

The Biblical Standpoint to the Ancient Alien Theory : The saga of events that have occurred in the landscape of Middle East, is enshrined in the western world’s most revered book – The Holy Bible. In recent years The Bible has been increasingly touted by some investigators as a description of a series of encounters with Aliens and UFO. But the topic is controversial. Can the sacred nature of the Biblical texts be challenged? According to Dr. Thomas R. McDonough, S.E.T.I Coordinator, Planetary Society, “the decline of religion in the recent years as witnessed by several people across the world, people are now looking for an alternative answer. An answer that is more scientific. So instead of believing in a supernatural intervention that seems to have certainly happened in the past, the world is now coming to terms with the notion that advanced civilizations might have visited the our planet in the pas. And this notion quite fits the narration of events as we have witnessed in many ancient religious and sacred texts”. The search for ET visitations and evidences thereof, takes us to the earlier chapters of the Holy Bible – to the Book of Genesis. Genesis describes the conditions in the world at the dawn of time. “There were giants on earth in those days, and also after that.  When the sons of Gods came to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them” – Genesis 6:4. Who were the Giants and the Sons of Gods mentioned in the text? While most of the English based Bible uses the word Giants, the Original Hebrew word for Nephilim (נפלים). The word Nephilim simply translates to “those who came down”, in English; meaning those who came down from the sky. And this translation has an uncanny similarity with the word Annunaki – which when translated from Sumerian to English, means “those who from the heavens came”. So they might not be physical giants, they could well be heroes with extraordinary powers who came form the heavens and formed a hybrid race with the earth population. A similar translation could also be located in Egypt and Ancient Sumeria where descriptions of Annunaki and other ‘Lord of the skies’ are found, and they are said to have created a hybrid population through sexual reproduction and gene mutation.

The Bible also contains other UFO references, or the ones that could be interpret as such, and ones that were very well chronicled. One of the best example of a classic UFO story is the story of Moses. 3,500 years ago an epic period in Biblical history begins, when Israelite slaves are finally released from bondage in Egypt. Under leadership of Moses, they began their 40 year long trek through the wilderness, a route to the promised land. But according tot he Bible something very strange guides them them through the barren desert. “The roar went before them, by the day, in a pillar of cloud to lead the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light – Exodus 14:21”. Some believe that the Biblical description contains a different dimension as opposed to the one long cherished by Christians and Jews. The pillar of smoke and fire that Moses followed through the wilderness is interpret to be a cigar shaped UFO – so sort of advanced form of life that guided these men through.

Some of the most intriguing Biblical description surround Mount Sinai and the handing down of the Ten Commandments. “Mount Sinai was covered in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire and the smoke ascended like a smoke in a furnace and the whole mountain quaked loudly and when the voice of the trumpets sounded and waxed louder, Moses spake and God answered” – Exodus 19:80. When Moses returns with the Ten Commandments after his encounter with God on Mount Sinai, his skin mysteriously shines with an unearthly glow, his hair had turned snow white. Many in both scientific and theologian community now translate this to be an exposure to radiation. The episode of Moses thus goes down as a classic example of ET encounter at the dawn of civilization.

However this idea of a possible alien intervention has been fiercely challenged by the scientific community and also by mainstream archeologists and historians. According to Dr. Richard L. Thompson, “We are dealing with interpretation of an issue that has a potential of being highly controversial, after all if your hypothesis says Jesus was an ET, then it changes the meaning of religion in a very fundamental way”. Dr. Thomas R. McDonough observes, “if a hypothesis happens to be so radical in nature, then it might as well be backed up be very strong evidences/ proofs. Else the mainstream society that has been thriving on a fully formed belief system for last few thousand years, would say, you are just gullible”. Apart from the book of Exodus, another place where we witness events that could be interpret as ET encounters, is “2nd Book of Kings”. Here we have narrations about Prophet Elisha (Hebrew אֱלִישַׁע)who lived 900 years before the time of Jesus. While Elisha was crossing river Jordan with his son Elisha, strange airborne craft appears. “And suddenly a chariot of fire appeared driven by the horses of fire, and Elisha saw his father going to heaven and cried, but he saw his father no more2nd Kings 2:11“. According to Dr. Thomas R. McDonough, “In most of the ancient cultures you have narrations and evidences of flying chariots or strange vehicles that are capable of flying through the air, and are driven by their own power. Modern day equivalent to these strange airborne vehicles would be UFO. This description of Elisha, for instance, is consistent with what we call Alien Abduction in modern day parlance.

Barely three centuries after the incident of Elisha, another strange incident occurs. This time it concerns the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel.  He is said to have encountered ET and UFO in 4 separate occasions. In one he clearly describes, a mechanical devices under the control of human like figures. “I saw 4 wheels, 1 wheel beside each cherub. In appearance they were like sparkling topaz and all 4 of them were alike. Wheel within a wheel, they moved in all 4 directions never swerving from their course” – Ezekiel 10:8. Based upon description provided by Ezekiel, NASA Scientist Joseph Blumrich constructed a model.Is this what Ezekiel saw?

The Near Eastern Accounts: Despite the ambiguity of the Biblical accounts, other accounts from pre-history have intensified the debate. Some could be interpret to suggest that ET encounters have influenced pivotal events human history. Artifacts discovered throughout Near East, speak of a time when Humanity’s ancestors came from the heavens. Hundred of clay tablets depict human like figures with ‘wings’, denoting something to do with the sky and always conspicuous – the stars. The Sumerians and Babylonians strongly believe that their civilization was given to them be beings who came down from the heaven. According to conventional scientific standpoint, “there are intriguing stories,  but none of these could be considered as conclusive”. However mainstream scientific community cannot really provide a logically conclusive answer to how, human ingenuity and engineering started fro stone age and almost overnight burst forth onto the landscape of history – creating structures and monuments that are unmatched in precision and design even to this date.

Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza have always been en enigma to the scientific community as well as to the historians. Their correct age, is debatable. According to Graham Hancock, “the Great Pyramid of Egypt stands more than 450 ft tall, it weighs more than 6,000,000 tones, and it has a foot print in excess of 13 acres. Its perfectly aligned to true North, South, East and West. To achieve that precision of alignment with a monument of this scale is an extraordinary technological feat, and one that is continuously overlooked by our scholars today. Suddenly out of nowhere this monument – an achievement of technology and engineering appears in the deserts of Egypt. This is a mystery and one that is totally unexplained by conventional history. My sense says that we are missing a huge part of the human story – maybe its possible that we are a species with amnesia, and we have forgotten a large part of our own history going back to thousands of years at the beginning of so called history and if we perhaps could go back to that dark epoch we would find many astounding facts about ourselves”. Egypt is not the only place that asks us to go figure how these monuments were built. Such intriguing sites could be located all over the world.

So what after all is the genesis of human civilization? Where have we come from? Have we really forgotten a very significant part of our history, as Graham Hancock points out? The geneses of all the religions speak about Gods, Heroes and Angels who descend from the skies, and are attributed with powers unknown to mankind prior to that. And these powerful human like creatures are regarded as Gods. These Gods also bear children with the daughters of men. This is narrated in the Bible, Hebrew texts, the Annunaki accounts from Sumeria and Babylonia. All across the world we are encountered, time and again, with megalithic structures the precision and magnitude of which remain unmatched even to this day. How did primitive man create these monuments? How was he able to haul the raw material used for making such monuments? And the technology? Where did that come from? Questions… But no answers. We still continue out existence, in this world, wake up every morning under a sanitized view that we are all alone in the universe, and that the human history began as we have been taught in schools. However there are questions that remain unanswered to this date and ones that perhaps cannot be accounted for, satisfactorily, with the conventional and mainstream way of thinking that is contaminated with short sightedness. PLEASE THINK AGAIN.

  1. Karen says:

    Hello. I spoke too soon when I sent an email telling you that the word NUCLEAR was misspelled in the title; these works are full of punctuation errors and misspellings. This is possibly due to translation errors. I am reading it in English, and have no idea what the original language might be. I just thought in the interest of appearing professional these errors should be corrected.

    I admire your attempt to bring clarity to such an intriguing subject. I look forward to any and all research into area. Thank you

  2. Sam says:

    You don’t even know the meaning of UFO. It can be a bird, a kite or anything that cannot be unidentified. Claiming these to be the spaceships from other planets, the hypothesis is extremely ludicrous. And, so-called ‘UFO Sighting’ videos and snapshots can be created easily and accurately (and with a convincing look) using Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut and even Cyberlink Power Director. If we don’t have these tools, we can simply use projection slides and take the pictures. Job’s done!

  3. Sean says:

    @ Sam…then how do you explain the cave paintings if it’s all Photoshopped?

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