I am one of those millions who are convinced of about the truth behind the Ancient Alien Theory. The theory always intrigued me since my school days, when I first read a cover story in a local magazine, which read (in Bengali) দানিকেন তত্ত্ব কতখানি সত্য – which would simply translate to “How true is Daniken’s hypothesis?”. The initial read was rather boring for a 12 year old, but as I continued reading I started troubling my mother with those millions of questions that sprang up in my mind. However unlike most mothers who would try to avoid such questions, she explained me the theory, and what the crux was all about. It took a few months for the whole idea to settle down, and start taking shape.

Around the same time, Indian Television started airing Star Trek (With William Shatner), something that proved to be an addiction. Star Trek, Ancient Aliens, Chariots of the Gods proved to be a heady concoction. However all this changed, I went to college, graduated and started working. One evening, walking on Fergusson College Road, in Pune I came across a very old copy of “Chariots of the Gods”, it was in such condition, that the book seller didnt know how much to quote. I paid him 20 rupees – that’s less than half a US$. This book proved to be the restart point of a long journey, that would drive me insane later.

I am a professional based out of Pune, India, presently employed with IBM India. Other than Ancient Alien Theory, I am deeply passionate about photography,  Traveling – on bike, mind expansion acts (and please don’t ask me to explain whats it all about) and alternative living. I love listening to rock, blues and jazz, primarily the late 60s and early 70s genre. I plan to learn Guitar and Flying sometime. People say, though not on my face, I am kinda abnormal. But I guess that’s OK, because they don’t understand what I say, and where I come from. So compliance is not expected. I am also into reading and greatly delve into non fiction. Some of my favorite authors Eric Von Daniken, Graham Hancock, Carlos Castaneda, Bertrand Russell. My dream is to travel across all the Ancient Astronaut sites and further the research that have been done by the global community of Ancient Astronaut Theorists. Wish me luck for my dream fulfillment. I am reachable at:

  1. dvka says:

    Thank You for the feedback. 🙂

  2. Anna says:

    and your name is…?

  3. Axl Rose says:

    Nutters of the world, unite

  4. William Olivadoti says:

    I found some new strange discoveries about ships, gold and giants up`n here in the mountains

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