References and Downloads

Its  not humanly possible, with my limited knowledge to do justice to a topic as vast as The Ancient Alien Theory. There have been eminent authors who have tried to impart their knowledge in their own way. Some of the books written could be downloaded here. They have been written by pioneers of this subject, such as Eric Von Daniken and Graham Hancock to name a few. Hope you enjoy the reading. Any feedback about any download error or a broken link, could be informed at: and it would be attended to promptly.

Reading (Right Click on the link and choose the option ‘Save Link As’)

  1. Chariots of The Gods
  2. Gold of The Gods
  3. Fingerprints of the Gods
  4. Earths Forbidden Secrets Part One
  5. Nuclear War in Ancient Times
  6. Ancient Nuclear Reactor (2 Billion Years Old)
  7. Robert Temple The Sirius Mystery

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