Evidences of Nuclear Explosion in Mohenjo Daro

Posted: August 7, 2011 in An introduction to the theory, Evidences of high technology in Antiquity, India
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Mohenjo Daro (lit. Mound of the Dead, Sindhi: موئن جو دڙو, pronounced), situated in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjo Daro was built around 2600 BC and and continued to exist till about 1800 BC. The ruins of the city were discovered in 1922 by Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay, an officer of the Archaeological Survey of India. He was led to the mound by a Buddhist monk, who believed it to be a stupa. In the 1930s, massive excavations were conducted under the leadership of John Marshall, K. N. Dikshit, Ernest Mackay, and others.

When excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of what once happened to be a sprawling metropolis.  And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An ancient, heavily populated city in Pakistan seemed to have been instantly destroyed 2,000 years before Christ by an incredible explosion that could only been caused by an atomic bomb.

At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal. Other cities have been found in northern India that show indications of explosions of great magnitude. One such city, found between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, seems to have been subjected to intense heat. Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together, literally vitrified! And since there is no indication of a volcanic eruption at Mohenjo-Daro or at the other cities, the intense heat to melt clay vessels can only be explained by an atomic blast or some other unknown weapon. The cities were wiped out entirely.

The David Davenport Angle to Mohenjo Daro Extinction [Quotes adapted directly from his works]

An ancient, heavily populated city in Pakistan was instantly destroyed 2,000 years before Christ by an incredible explosion that could only been caused by an atomic bomb. That’s the mind bogging conclusion of a British researcher, David Davenport, who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the site where the great city – Mohenjo Daro once stood. What was found at the site of Mohenjo Daro corresponds exactly to Nagasaki, declared Davenport, who published his startling findings in an amazing book, “Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C.”, Milan, Italy, 1979.

There was an epicenter about 50 yards wide where everything was crystallized, fused or melted, he said. Sixty yards from the center the bricks are melted on one side indicating a blast. the horrible, mysterious event of 4,000 years ago that leveled Mohenjo Daro was recorded in an old Hindu manuscript called the Mahabharata, “White hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes, the account reads. Water boiled…horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands.. . the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…”. The description concludes, “it was a terrible sight to see … never before have we seen such a ghastly weapon”.

Based on his study of many ancient manuscripts, Davenport believes that the end of Mohenjo Daro was tied to a state of war between the Aryans and the Dravidian. Aryans controlled regions where space aliens were mining minerals and exploiting other natural resources, he believes. Because it was a Dravidian city, the aliens had agreed to destroy Mohenjo Daro on behalf of the Aryans. The aliens needed the friendship of the Aryan kings so that they could continue their prospecting and research, explained Davenport. The texts tell us that 30,000 inhabitants of the city were given seven days to get out – a clear warning that everything was about to be destroyed. Obviously, some people didn’t heed the warning, because 44 human skeletons were found there in 1927, just a few years after the city was discovered.

All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. For example, a father, mother and child were found flattened in the street, face down and still holding hands. Interestingly, the ancient texts refer repeatedly to the Vimanas, or the flying cars, which fly under their own power, he added. Davenport’s intriguing theory has met with intense interest in the scientific community. Nationally known expert William Sturm said, “the melting of bricks at Mohenjo Daro could not have been caused by a normal fire”. Added professor Antonio Castellani, a space engineer in Rome, “it’s possible that what happened at Mohenjo Daro was not a natural phenomenon”.

David Davenport, who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro, declared in 1996 that the city was instantly destroyed around 2,000 BC. The city ruins reveal the explosion’s epicenter which measures 50 yards wide. At that location everything was crystallized, fused or melted. Sixty yards from the center the bricks were melted on one side indicating a blast… the horrible mysterious event of 4000 years ago was recorded in the Mahabharata.

How did man 2000 tears before Christ have the the knowledge of not only producing such high degree of heat, but also harness the power of such high temperatures? If Mohanjo Daro was destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe, who designed and manufactured them? If not then what was used to produce such heat that vitrified rock and bricks? What could be attributed to the high degree of  radioactive traces in the skeletons? How did all of them die, in one instant? Its up to us whether we need answers to these questions or continue to live in a sanitized view of the world, as provided to us by mainstream scholarship.

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  1. Karen says:

    You misspelled NUCLEAR in title. I thought you might want to correct that.

  2. beheader69 says:

    this is so interesting, but is this the only place in the world with this kind of nuclear blast evidence?

    • tomtom says:


      this is not even theory just a simple fabrication, confabulation and so. Radioactivity after nuclear explosion shouldn’t be present cause in a “timespan of 3,500 years. That’s over 115 half-lives for Sr-90 and Cs-137, the main sources of radioactivity in fallout. ” Other “evidence” was just made out of thin air by liers (!!) and people who evidentely don’t like science.

  3. Sam says:

    Yeah! Fascinating it is and since 2009, I’ve pondering on this particular topic throughout the web. Astoundingly, not even a single site was present which showed the whole thing skeptically. I’m a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut ‘Theory’, but rational judgement is very important…according to me.

    I request everyone to go through the site I’ve given below and get to know what really is the ‘mystery’ about Mohenjo-Daro. (Still, I don’t deny the possibility of Nuclear Warfare in that ancient age.)


    • Seth Tyrssen says:

      Well, I read thru the article, and remain unimpressed. “Bodies deliberately buried” would not have been sprawled around — or holding hands — as those at Mohenjo Daro clearly are. How would a mud brick wall survive an atomic explosion? The same way random trees or building survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Different stratas, and therefore different time-periods: I see no evidence to back up that claim, nor does the author offer any. Vitrification is described as the place where they threw their clay pots …??? Come on, that’s really lame. While I certainly advocate a rational approach, the article on rationalwiki.org remains very unconvincing.

  4. Sam says:

    this ‘theory’ has been debunked decades ago.

  5. fanne says:

    the solution: men form the 1940s’ went in the past to test nukes

  6. Roshan says:

    Yup in the same machine that Marty McFly used to go back to the future. Although the ancient alien theory is far more interesting a theory for a lot of religions being created and heavenly interventions, blah blah blah, it currently holds very little credibility. Evidence is the only thing that could solve this once & for all.
    I’ve read that a possible meteor could have caused similar heat & radiation.

    • Ramone Harris says:

      If it was a meteor that caused the heat,where is the crater? I’m no scientists,but I know that meteors should leave a hole,or some type of evidence?

  7. Sam says:

    So if it was a nuke explosion, how could the brick-walls sustain such heat? Please answer Mr. Author. Please. This is a request.

    • Aaditya bhatt says:

      Actually in ancient text it is written that old people have great energy, as they all were close to nature and could have control energy (like dragon ball z)

  8. Ben says:

    A few points on Mohenjo Daro/Harappa
    – We don’t even know specifically what people actually inhabited the cities, only that the were contemporaries of civilizations like Sumer. To claim the the Aryans and the Dravidian were warring at that time and led to the destruction is completely premature.
    -Davenport’s claims that aliens were mining the area is completely baseless, even if using the going off of the Mahabharata. But to specifically claim that they were here mining AND they needed approval of Aryan kings is ridiculous. If they were capable of eliminating a city like that, they wouldn’t bother asking Aryans or Dravidians for permission.
    -I know it’s probably derived from it, but you first 3 paragraphs sounds like they were taken straight from David Hatcher Childress and only him.

    • Aaditya bhatt says:

      i am agreed with you.the aliens iare not a part of mahabharat. nothing is written about alien in that holy book.is just a epic of great war.

  9. Baldev Gara says:

    Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I
    came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking
    and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog
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  10. rajaspidey says:

    How did man 2000 tears before Christ. Spelling mistake “Tear” its “years”

  11. ton werkhoven amsterdam holland says:

    When a meteor explodes above the ground, there will be no crater. It will however destroy the surroundings with intense heat and pressure. These things happens once in a while. The chance it will destroy one of our todays big cities this 21th century in the same way, is less then one percent. But it can.

    • J.Jane says:

      but what about the excessive radioactivity? and why haven’t more places been found like this, instead of just one city? And wouldn’t there be more skeletons if a ‘meteor exploded’ instead of just 44 people from a 30k city?

      • Paul says:

        Archeologists declare their finds. Those walls and bodies were found vitrified. Many more would have turned to instant dust.

  12. […] Unable to find original photo attribution. Photo taken from google and this site. […]

  13. Aridaman Singh Dhillon says:

    Why couldn’t it be a meteor hit the type that is known to have made dinosaurs extinct?

  14. Otil H. Hortelano says:

    The theory of ton werkhoven amsterdam holland, is more possible than any theory presented by any one who commented this article. It is possible that a meteorite had exploded in the air destroying everything in the ground and leaving no crater or whatever big holes as it may seem. But in my own opinion, it is also possible for that civilization to really advance in science and technology as we have in our modern time. We can not put aside their knowledge in mathematics and also in technology as shown on how they built their buildings and designed their metropolis. In the end, as human beings we only have common powers and that is the power of our intelligence. Those people in that period did not differ on the intelligence of the people in the present time. They might be more intelligent or equally intelligent. The fact is that everything is possible under the sun, be it in the past or in the present.

    • Khawar Nehal says:

      I agree. Some people nowdays somehow assume that they are somehow smarter than anything else in the universe. Based mainly on the premise of limited knowledge.

      Jins existed before humans. Ever bothered to measure their mental capacity and powers which exist mainly in some other dimensions.

  15. Sagar says:

    Nuclear explosion at that time seems impossible.volcanic eruption can only cause such a high degree of temperature which could melt everything in a sec.flood due to change in course of indus seems the most probable reason for the complete destruction of mohenjodaro.intense floods would have led to spread of cholera or typhoid at a large scale or mohenjodarowould have met the same fate as city of Pompeii.concept of existence of aliens is a mere exaggeration

  16. Aridaman Singh Dhillon says:

    Mohenjodaro is part of a very widely spread Harappan Civilisation. It is impossible to have such a widely spread people with a meteor or flood – theory about nuclear holocaust appears to be very improbable. Some epidemic like plague or flue is more like it. Another idea required to be explored is mass migration. Latest research indicates that the Harappan Civilisation is much ancient than Mesopotamian Civilisation. Perhaps these people migrated towards Middle East and contributed to the evolution of the Mesopotamian Civilisation.

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